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Specialized Electrification Services Available in Central & Northern Maryland

The licensed technicians at Thomas & Thomas Electric have over 35 years of experience and are ready to assist you with all types of electrical installations, repairs, and replacements. In addition to standard electrical services like wiring, generator services, and general troubleshooting, Thomas & Thomas Electric offers specialized services like electrification and EV charger support. Our electrification services are designed to help you save money, be more efficient, and embrace new technologies.

What Is Electrification?

Electrification refers to the process of using electricity as an alternative energy source to power various devices, appliances, or operations. It is typically accomplished through the usage of electrical grids that provide a reliable and consistent supply of electricity. Electrification has had a huge impact on modern society, making it possible for certain technologies to be created or enhanced. This includes electric cars, lighting systems in homes and businesses, high-speed internet access, air conditioning systems, and more. By providing consistent energy sources at a lower cost than traditional fuels, electrification has enabled many people around the world to gain access to basic necessities that weren't available before. Additionally, it has allowed whole industries to become more efficient and productive while also reducing their environmental footprint.

Our electrification services include:

  • EV Charging: This is the process of using electricity to charge electric vehicles (EVs) either at home or in public charging locations. Thomas & Thomas Electric offers a full suite of EV charging installation services, including custom design and installation of EV chargers, wiring upgrades, and system connection to the grid. We also provide ongoing service and maintenance for existing EV charger installations. 
  • Home Automation and Smart Home Solutions: Thomas & Thomas Electric offers expert consultation on home automation options such as voice-controlled lighting systems and automated window shades and curtains, as well as full installation services ranging from basic wiring setup to more sophisticated smart home systems integration. 
  • Lighting Design and Installation: We offer custom indoor and outdoor lighting systems that emphasize energy efficiency while creating desired moods, ambiance, and functionality in any room of a residential home. Our team also offers LED retrofitting services for upgrading traditional incandescent lighting fixtures with modern LED bulbs for brighter illumination levels with reduced energy consumption costs over time. 
  • Smart Electrical Panel Upgrades: To ensure safety from electrical hazards such as fire or shock risks, Thomas & Thomas Electric can upgrade older electrical panels with new circuit breakers able to handle increased current loads from newer household appliances or expanded circuits required by home renovations or additions – all done according to code requirements for local jurisdictions. We also have access to smart electrical panel technology that can better integrate with EV chargers and other smart home and electrification devices.
  • And More!

Electrification Is Our Specialty

Thomas & Thomas Electric is an electrical company that specializes in electrification. We are certified Qmerit service partners, and we are committed to helping our customers access all of the benefits that electrification has to offer.

If you need traditional electrical services or specialized electrification services, call Thomas & Thomas Electric at (410) 406-6802 or contact us online today. We offer free estimates to customers throughout Central and Northern Maryland!

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Thomas & Thomas  Electric is proud to be a Qmerit Certified Solutions Partner and we have decades of experience. As a leader in providing EV Charging services throughout Central & Northern Maryland, we can help with everything from installation, upgrades, repairs, or maintenance. 

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